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click to enlarge Limited edition of 300 copies in silkscreened huge poster-sized fold-out covers! A solo-project by a member of GO DIE BIG CITY from Vienna. 10 songs of really beautiful Shoegazer-LoFi-Pop/Rock, reminding partly of the NEW BAD THINGS, and in a weird folky way like some of the fine bands/artists on K RECORDS in the 90s used to sound like!

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BROOKES BEDROOM- Albino Rabbits/Quotes - 7"+MP3 - FETTKAKAO

click to enlarge New single by solo-project of Martin Pieper from Vienna. Bouncy Electro-Pop, sweet stuff with a dancefloor-appeal. Limited pressing of only 100 copies, with download-coupon included!

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BROOKES BEDROOM- Last Days Of Happiness - 12" - FETTKAKAO

click to enlarge 5 tracks of beautifully dreamy Electronica-Pop from Vienna! Ranges musically between LoFi-Laptop-Folk and DIY-Minimal-Techno. Mixed and mastered by Patrick Pulsinger!

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CLIQUEY BITCHES- Scorpio Scorpio - n/a - FETTKAKAO

click to enlarge Los Angeles based punky-pop (or Pop-Punk) supergroup, featuring Allison Wolfe (BRATMOBILE) on vocals, Alice Bag (THE BAGS) on keyboards/vocals, and Seth Bogart (GRAVY TRAIN, HUNX AND HIS PUNX) on guitar, beats and vocals. And the 6 songs are fully delivering what you'd expect from such a line-up! Comes with lyric-sheet and download-code included. Reference coming to mind: LE TIGRE

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GOLDKANTE- Ohrfeigenlandschaft/Lockdown Lovers - 7"+MP3 - FETTKAKAO

click to enlarge Ein Projekt alter Bekannter aus Österreich. Ehemalige Mitglieder von u.A. TARGET OF DEMAND, SEVEN SIOUX, STRAHLER 80 und KURORT bieten zwei kraftvolle Songs zur aktuellen Lage der Gesellschaft (Texte auf Deutsch), bei denen auch hier die Dischord-Einflüsse wie bei ihren früheren Bands deutlich hörbar sind. Die Single kommt mit Textblatt und Download-Code als Beilagen.

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click to enlarge Limited edition on dark violet-grey marble-colored vinyl with silkscreened sleeves! Even though this band's from Austria, they sound very british to me. Like those late Post-Punk and early Shoegazer bands from the C86-era, and the stuff that was released on labels like POSTCARD...

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click to enlarge Limited handnumbered edition of 200 copies with silkscreened covers and download-code included! Garage-Surf-Punk in a similar vein like WAVVES, OH SEES, TY SEGALL, etc.! More Punk, than Surf or Garage, but catchy and bouncy. And even though these guys are not from California, but from Austria, they're doing this stuff really good!

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click to enlarge Limited edition of 200 copies, with CDR included, packed in a silkscreened cover. 5 songs of jangly Indie-Pop with a rumbling Punk edge to it, melancholic and minimalistic, by these 3 ladies. One of the has moved away from Vienna, and two of them are now in PLAIDED.

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click to enlarge Limited edition with silkscreened sleeves. Vinyl-debut by girl-trio from Graz/Austria. 2 songs of jangly, charmingly sweet and psychedelic Garage-Pop.

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click to enlarge First album (9 songs) by female trio from Vienna. Limited edition of 300 copies on grey vinyl, download-code included. Somewhere in between Pop, Punk, Indie, Noise, Experimental and Electronica, it's a genre-defying affair, but always maintaining a strong rhythm, song-structured and creating a sound of their own. Inspiration meets joy. Post-Riot Grrl and Post-No Wave. Delicate and direct.

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