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CIRCLE X- s/t - 12" - INSOLITO

click to enlarge Long-lost pearl (with 4 songs) from the New York No Wave Underground, originally released in 1979, now unearthed and re-issued again! This was the band's first record, similar in style to bands like the SWANS, LIVE SKULL, or early SONIC YOUTH, but with a more brutally raging, hate-fuelled sound and attitude. Still today as intense and overwhelming as it was about 30 years ago. Limited edition of 500 copies on 180g-vinyl, packed in a thick cardboard-cover and including linernotes.

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FLYING CALVITTOS- Goodbye You Spaghetti Punks - 7" - INSOLITO

click to enlarge Reissue in a limited edition of 300 copies of mega-rare and super-obscure true classic from the Australian underground, originally released in 1980. The 5 songs on this EP are ranging from sick and noisy Weirdo-Punk la ELECTRIC EELS to RESIDENTS-like oddities. Super-chic packaging as well, in a fold-out cardboard-sleeve and with two fullcolor-print postcard inserts.

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click to enlarge Originally released as a 3Song-7" back in 1980 on DEAD HIPPY RECORDS from the UK. Now with one track additionally re-issued in a limited edition of 300 copies. A long-lost Post-Punk underground pearl! There's a touch of The Fall and TV Personalities, hints of Gang Of 4/Delta 5, and after all a sound of their own. John Peel and Mark E. Smith were fans of this band, if that means anything to you... - and two songs to check out:

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SLUGFUCKERS- Three Feet Behind Glass/Instant Classic - n/a - INSOLITO

click to enlarge Re-issue of two RARE EPs from 1979 on one 12" by this Australian band, pioneers of Avant-/Post-Punk! And abrasive, almost cacophonous, but always vicious Noise-Punk mess. A sound that's like being equally influenced by THROBBING GRISTLE and SPK as by Punk-Rock, and with a similar approach as the early HALF JAPANESE or CULTURCIDE. But after all a pretty unique sound and style! Classic stuff!!!
Limited edition of 500 copies on on 180g-vinyl, 7 tracks, packed in heavy tip-on jackets, and including linernotes!

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