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In Erinnerung an Armin Hofmann / In memory of Armin Hofmann
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click to enlarge SPECIAL OFFER! Primal Industrial Blues, nihilist Punk, minimalist Noise-Rock duo from Harrisonburg/Virginia. Recorded by Don Zientara at Inner Ear Studio, DC. Cover-artwork by Asa Osbourne (LUNGFISH, ZOMES). Full album vinyl (9 tracks), glossy full-color cover, insert with lyrics. Another challenging masterpiece from this furious duo! Minimal and nightmarish sounds, mixed up with alienated references of Blues and Rock patterns. Think of Sam McPheeters meeting KILLDOZER after a WOLF EYES concert. Or BLACK FLAG meets MERZBOW. CHROME meets FLIPPER. BLACK HUMOR meets the RESIDENTS. CRAMPS meet SHORTY. DAN MELCHIOR meets SAVAGE REPUBLIC. URINALS meet THROBBING GRISTLE. ABNER JAY meets ARAB ON RADAR? Who knows... Or just citing MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL: "You haven't heard anything that sounds like BUCK GOOTER in a long time!" Whatever. It is nothing less than outstanding contemporary music.

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click to enlarge CHEAP OFFER! SONDERANGEBOT! All new, unplayed & sealed!
First full-length album by this german Post-Art-Punk band, and their masterpiece, which can be summed up in just one word: SPLENDID! Now an endless list of references could be cited, starting with the WIPERS, over FUGAZI, REFUSED or HOT SNAKES, to Q AND NOT U and LES SAVY FAV... But all that are just comparisons, not meant to be like "similar to, but not as good". With their enthusiastic freshness, fiery groove, adrenaline-pumping funkyness, and catchy tunes, the FALCON FIVE have become a brand of their own!
11 songs on both formats!

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click to enlarge Following the vinyls with KILLER resp. KILLERLADY, and FALCON FIVE, here's now the first tape on BEAU TRAVAIL: The reissue of a cassette by an unknown, obscure german band from 1996. 6 lofi-pop-songs in the best sense and finest tradition of the word, in the vein of bands like POLVO and YO LA TENGO, but with ist own charme and character! Limited handnumbered edition of 50 cassettes only!

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KILLERLADY (EA80)- Die Heimat wird sterben/Seestück - 7"+MP3 - BEAU TRAVAIL

click to enlarge Two new tracks by the Art-/Performance-project from Mönchengladbach/Germany (KILLERLADY = Junge of EA80 fame). And they are as haunting as bewitching! Buried under numerous layers of noise there is a plain beautiful melodic home organ sticking, repeating in a sinister but also beautiful loop. And so are the voice and the sung words, blurry and spectral, escapist – and in its form revealingly a proper soundtrack to our times. Plus stunningly great packaging as well, and download-code included!

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MARK WYNN- 'A Tenner? - I'll Do It Myself' - 7" - BEAU TRAVAIL / IN A CAR

click to enlarge Exclusive EP containing 5 new songs as a follow-up to the fantastically great LP on HARBINGER SOUND! And this new EP is no less fantastically great!!! He's like the "Patrik Fitzgerald version of the SLEAFORD MODS". Like an English Jacques Dutronc, with the best british sense of humour and irony galore, or (as someone else has put it so aptly) the "King of Brit-Anti-Pop"!

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PISSE- Kohlrübenwinter #1 - 7" - BEAU TRAVAIL / PHANTOM RECORDS

click to enlarge Dritte Pressung! Die Erste von zwei 4Song-EPs. Nach dem Schinken in der Menopause, kommt nun der Kohlrübenwinter! PISSE liefern Nachschlag, quasi in Form einer "getrennten Doppel-7"EP"... und wie sie liefern! Man koennt glattweg fast sagen: Besser denn je. Neuer deutscher Punk - unverschaemt frech, witzig und smart!

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PISSE- Mit Schinken Durch Die Menopause (b/w) - LP - BEAU TRAVAIL / PHANTOM RECORDS

click to enlarge Die 7.Pressung (oder bereits die 8.?). Weitere 500 Exemplare im "inside-out" Cover: Das Original-Motiv als grobkoerniger Schwarz-Weiss-Druck auf rauem Karton!

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ROOM 101- Vox Humana - 7"+MP3 - BEAU TRAVAIL / X-MIST

click to enlarge SPECIAL OFFER! 2nd EP from this is ONE MAN band with three new and exclusive songs – and it's no less than a FUCKING POWERHOUSE! No hackneyed cliche of Hardcore, like most of contemporary bands do! You'll get a thrilling mixture instead: Thrashing hardcore like with "Exterminate Adult Thinking", a both raging and catchy song like "Drone Wars", and last not least the odd funky Post-Punk song "Boiys" on the B-side. Like the debut EP of ROOM 101, this is a jam-packed and challenging record! Reminding of the best aspects of 80s Hardcore bands like BIG BOYS or REAGAN YOUTH, a great voice in the vein of Sam McPheeters or the young Keith Morris, but it's also slowed down and irritating (with the Wurlitzer organ or womans yelling in "Boiys")... Expect the unexpected.
Comes in proper heavy cardboard-cover, with lyric-sheet, mini-poster and download-code included. Artwork by the infamous Winston Smith, the man who designed most of the DEAD KENNEDYS covers and invented the DK-logo.

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click to enlarge Great debut album by new band from Cologne/Germany! Non-pretentious and non-conventional twisted Post-Punk, in the spirit of the MINUTEMEN, URINALS aka 100 FLOWERS, and sometimes with the psychic flair of early british Post-Punk bands like the SWELL MAPS. LP with 14 songs, fullcolor print innersleeve, lyric-sheet (in English), sticker and download-code! Value for money!

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WORKERS COMP- Pressure Today/When I'm Here - 7"+MP3 - BEAU TRAVAIL

click to enlarge First 7inch by this band from Baltimore after two tape releases. One side: The Velvet Underground meets Springsteen-working class lyrics, sung by a young Lou Reed. You're right, as good as it gets! And on the flipside "When I'm Here": Thinking of a young Kris Kristofferson doing something like "Sunday Morning Coming Down". Or David Berman's late SILVER JEWS in peak form. Punk-spirited Alt-Country. Nonchalant, cool and plain brilliant! Exquisitely packaged as well, incl. download-code.

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