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IAN SWEET- Crush Crusher - LP - HARDLY ART

click to enlarge IAN SWEET is the moniker of singer/songwriter and guitarist Jilian Medford, supported by various musicians for the recordings of these 10 songs on her second album. An expansive and experimental kind of Indie-Rock, bringing together an unconventional assortment of disparate elements from Psyche-Rock, Trip-Hop and Shoegaze. Inspired by BJÖRK, as well as DIRTY PROJECTORS and even DEERHUNTER.

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click to enlarge The 2nd full album from Kathleen Hanna's band (incl. former BIKINI KILL member Kathi Wilcox as well). 13 songs on colored vinyl, printed innersleeve with lyrics, and download-code included.

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New Release! MY IDEA- Cry Mfer - CD / LP(COL.) - HARDLY ART

click to enlarge Lily Konigsberg (PALBERTA, etc.) and Nate Amos (WATER FROM YOUR EYES). Originally Lily had contacted Nate for producing her next solo-album. But then it turned into a collaboration, and they named it MY IDEA. The final result are 13 wonderful songs, featuring all aspects of what's great and inspiring about pop music. A beautiful album being a pleasure and fun to listen to.

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PROTOMARTYR- The Agent Intellect - n/a - HARDLY ART

click to enlarge Comes with poster, lyric-zine and download-code included! Full album with 12 songs by this outstanding and unique Post-Punk/Indie-Rock band from Detroit, Michigan. Sounding like a more upbeat rocking and driving version of LIFTER PULLER or HOLD STEADY...

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click to enlarge The 2nd full album by this band from Seattle, with 13 constantly straight-forward rocking, punchy Punk songs. Sounds like a typical early 80s American Punk-Rock band, with some references to Pop and Garage. LP with download-code included!
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