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GEWALT- Tier/So Geht Die Geschichte - 7" - FIDEL BASTRO / IN A CAR

click to enlarge New single from this Berlin based power-trio! Shredding guitars, harsh electronic beats and shouted vocals combined to an intense and aggressive Noise-Rock sound, with references to BIG BLACK, YOUNG GODS and GODFLESH.

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JOHN PAUL- Nuts - 12" - IN A CAR

click to enlarge Limited handnumbered edition of 300 copies! Following the "Filter" LP on HARBINGER SOUND, here's 3 new and exclusive songs. SLEAFORD MODS fans take note! As Jason Williamson had put it, JOHN PAUL "is the rightful extension of the SLEAFORD MODS idea". Not a rehash, but extended in a UK Garage and/or Dubstep style (...think of Mike Skinner's THE STREETS), with true punk poetry. Proper, mate!

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MARK WYNN- 'A Tenner? - I'll Do It Myself' - 7" - BEAU TRAVAIL / IN A CAR

click to enlarge Exclusive EP containing 5 new songs as a follow-up to the fantastically great LP on HARBINGER SOUND! And this new EP is no less fantastically great!!! He's like the "Patrik Fitzgerald version of the SLEAFORD MODS". Like an English Jacques Dutronc, with the best british sense of humour and irony galore, or (as someone else has put it so aptly) the "King of Brit-Anti-Pop"!

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click to enlarge Debut-EP by this band from Hamburg (feat. ex-das eNDe, a.o.), and it's No Wave Fake-Funk Post-Punk! Non-pretentious and regardless of any rules and regulations. Minimalistic and free, and in this sense it reminds of the same approach that once bands like the CONTORTIONS, RAINCOATS or BUSH TETRAS had... Not exactly similar, but in the same vein. And it's alright if you like saxaphones.

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PISSE- Kohlrübenwinter #2 - 7" - HARBINGER SOUND / IN A CAR

click to enlarge Dritte Pressung von Teil 2 der beiden neuen 4Song-EPs!

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POGENDROBLEM- Erziehung zur Müdigkeit - LP - IN A CAR

click to enlarge Erste LP der Bergisch-Gladbacher und obwohl mich das Cover-Artwork an die Mönchengladbacher EA80 denken lässt, klingen sie doch etwas anders und erinnern mich eher an eine ganz andere alte Deutsch-Punk Band, nämlich an NOVOTNY TV... Vom Ox bereits als "neuer Stern am Asipunkhimmel" gefeiert, bieten die jungen Herren ratzfatz rasante Punk-Kracher, mit Spurenelementen der Hamburger Schule und einem Quäntchen Garage-Rock. Alles sehr schnoddrig und recht zappelig und textlich mit zynischem Humor (auch wenn der Bandname aus der Wortspielhölle kommt). LP kommt mit Poster, Beiheft und Aufkleber!

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TILLAMANDA & KNARF RELLÖM- Mister Motherfucker/The Rockinest Rocksteady Beat - 7" - IN A CAR / SALON ALTER HAMMER

click to enlarge German singer/songwriter Knarf Rellöm and Tillamanda (aka Till Steinebach of STORNO, ex-FLOWERPORNOES) delivering a groovy hit-single! "Mister Motherfucker" is a spacey Dub tune, with a clear message (...think of the LAST POETS), and "The Rockinest Rocksteady Beat" a funky Disco rocker. File under "No Deutschland No Wave". Sexy, cool, and political!

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