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New Release! BUSH TETRAS- Take The Fall - 12"+MP3 - WHARF CAT RECORDS

click to enlarge The return of the New York No Wave/Post-Punk legend, with their first recordings since more than 10 years. 5 songs going full force in their brandmark sound and style. Kinda funny it's being released on the same label as the records by SEDIMENT CLUB, the band of singer Cynthia Sley's son Austin.

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New Release! EYES OF LOVE- End Of The Game - LP - WHARF CAT RECORDS

click to enlarge First idea popping into my mind when listening to this: fIREHOSE! And the EYES OF LOVE surely have a lot of resemblances to the sound of that post-MINUTEMEN outfit. But there's surely more to it, having melancholic moments and beautiful little alternative pop pearls as well. VAMPIRE WEEKEND can serve as a comparison as well. EYES OF LOVE is the project of singer/songwriter Andrea Schiavelli, recorded with the support of other musicians (from PALBERTA, SWEET BABY JESUS, SHIMMER, etc.), and adding strings or piano into the perfectly detailed arrangements of his songs.

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New Release! PALBERTA- Roach Goin' Down - LP - WHARF CAT RECORDS

click to enlarge Newest and most impressive album to date from the fantastic female trio PALBERTA. The LP contains 22 tracks of their frenetical and joyous No Wave Art-Punk with pop sensibility. More than 30 years after the adventurous and exciting times of bands like the BUSH TETRAS, ESG, UT and Y PANTS, New York has another all-female combo not only continuing this legacy, but giving it a contemporary appeal. This album bursts of ideas, and pretty obviously the girls had a blast recording it, and you can sonically feel and hear it on this LP. Comes with two fullcolor-print inserts and download-code included!

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click to enlarge Split-LP with 7 tracks of the quirky and highly inventive No Wave weirdness by the truly amazing female trio PALBERTA. On the other side, N.O.A.T.S. from New York delivering 5 tracks of experimental Art-Rock, remotely in the vein of bands like the MINUTEMEN, VICTIMS FAMILY or some of the SKIN GRAFT artists, resp. as genre- and style-defying as the mentioned bands, and with goofy easiness. Being as unique and original as it's fun to listen to!

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New Release! SEDIMENT CLUB- Stucco Thieves - LP - WHARF CAT RECORDS

click to enlarge Third full album with 9 contorted tracks of warped punk madness, full of inventiveness and each song filled with new discoveries. Less hectic and chaotic than on their previous album "Psychosymplastic", more like a well arranged album. Perfectly bridging the gap between early New York No Wave and the british style of Art-/Post-Punk as originated by the likes of the POP GROUP, FAMILY FODDER, resp. THE EX (dutch, not british).

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