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In Erinnerung an Armin Hofmann / In memory of Armin Hofmann
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click to enlarge Following the selftitled album on CUT SURFACE, here's 8 new tracks by the Berlin based (via Graz/Styria) duo. Synth-waving Post-Punk, bass-driven, sharp guitars, bouncing electronic beats, with a dark and cold atmosphere. Limited edition vinyl of 200 copies.

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click to enlarge Los Angeles quartet of underground scene veterans: Michael Crain (DEAD CROSS, CUNTS, RETOX, FESTIVAL OF DEAD DEER), Mathew Cronk (CUNTS, QUI) and Kevin Avery (CUNTS, RETOX). So basically it's pretty much the follow-up band to the CUNTS, who released an album on IPECAC in 2019, with the addition of Ryan McGuffin, formerly in OKIE DOKIE, who released a brilliant 10" on AAGOO RECORDS back in 2009. 6 tracks of heavy Hardcore-Thrash. Limited run of 300 copies, one-sided 12"vinyl, etched graphics on the backside, and lyricsheet included.

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QITSCH- Everything Is Like Everything - LP - ORDER05RECORDS

click to enlarge New band from Switzerland, including Mike (YC-CY, WALTER FROSCH) and Roman (DEADVERSE, LO FAT ORCHESTRA). The LP contains 10 songs. Some kind of really original sounding post-punkish Noise-Rock (or vice versa). Superficially it's a violently trashy and noisy sound, but behind that wall of noise are cool and infectious tunes. Yeah, awesome Noise-Rock, and not all like the title (same as always) suggests.

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New Release! QITSCH- No Shame - LP - ORDER05RECORDS

click to enlarge Surprising new Post-Punk album from Switzerland! Shortly following the first album, here´s more of the athmospheric, dark and melodic Post-Punk, Shoegaze and Noise-Pop sounds, vibrating into one huge movement. With the first LP, they remained in mystical obscurity, but at least we know now it´s a swiss "all-star band" including Mike of YC-CY/WALTER FROSCH, and more. LP comes with 16-pages A5-booklet feat. lyrics and photos.

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click to enlarge First release for both, the label and the band, released as limited edition one-sided 12" of 100 copies only! TUMORTUMOR is a Noise/Dark Ambient duo from Switzerland, consisting of a drummer and Mike Saxer (guitarist in YC-CY) on bass and all sorts of self-made instruments! Combining dark harmonies with multiple layers of strange sounds, building up a unique tension. Inspired by horror and surrealist film composers and Italian Prog-Rock band GOBLIN, their music could be the soundtrack to a post-industrial horror movie as well.

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YC-CY- beton brut - LP - ORDER05RECORDS / X-MIST

click to enlarge The third full album from Switzerland's YC-CY, going even further and deeper into the most ferocious Noise-Rock territories. An outstanding, incomparable, fierce and monstrously furious attack, where sinister post-Industrial thunder meets with Hardcore roots, infected with some of the most infernal and terrifying noise-sounds ever put onto vinyl, that'll make your speakers blast and your ears bleed...
You can check it out here:

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YC-CY- Every Time I Close My Eyes - n/a - ORDER05RECORDS / X-MIST

click to enlarge New full album from Swiss Noise-Avant-Rock band (or whatever label you may put onto this genre-defying sound). As with all their (three) previous albums, it's NOT more of the same, but always marking a step into new territories, and exploring new grounds.
This LP contains 8 tracks – and comes across almost like a concept-album, as a trip into the deepest and darkest hidden spaces of the mind. A soundtrack to the apocalyptic desaster of humanity. A monster in perfection, leaving you speechless. Limited edition of 200 copies with handstamped and stickered sleeves.

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