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BSI- Sometimes Depressed...But Always Antifascist - LP(COL.) - TOMATENPLATTEN

click to enlarge Following the single, here's the first full album by this Synth-Wave/Indie Pop duo from Reykjavik/Iceland. An album split into two parts: On one side it's melancholic Dream-Pop, quietly and soft with an orchestral sound carrying the female vocals. On the other side there's upbeat and almost ecstatic Twee-Pop and Post-Punks anthems. Limited edition on violet-colored vinyl, with printed innersleeve and download-code included.

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click to enlarge First release by this new Berlin based band, featuring members of DULAC and RUBY. 7 songs of psychedelic Synth-Punk, with traces of Garage-, Surf- and Hardcore-Punk influences.

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click to enlarge Limitierte Auflage von 150 Stück, farbiges Vinyl im aufwendigen (4-farbigen) Siebdruckcover. Eine Vertonung der "Galgenlieder" des Dichters Christian Morgenstern aus der Wende des 19./20.Jahrhunderts. Umgesetzt von Mila Morgenstern (keine Ahnung, ob da eine Verwandtschaft besteht?) und Thomas Götz (auch bekannt als EINERBANDE), mit Flöten, Tablas, Loops, Keyboards, Gitarre, Sprechgesang und mehr... DaDa-Nonsens-Blues.

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TICS- Agnostic Funk - n/a - TOMATENPLATTEN

click to enlarge Second album by Cologne's TICS, and the instant impression is like "Wow!". It's all upbeat, tight, funky and catchy. Excellent production with lots of variation, in an overall great sound, and this definite MINUTEMEN/FIREHOSE appeal (making you almost think it could be D.Boon on guitar...). What else can be said? If you liked their first one, you'll love this one even more. And for those not having checked them out yet (or having been undetermined before), now's the time to do so!

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TICS- Group Therapy Product - LP - TOMATENPLATTEN

click to enlarge Third album by the TICS is less of a bands album release, but more of a collaboration with lots of guests, delivering vocals and ideas to their songs. Amongst the contributors are illustrous names like Martin Kircher (EA80), Micha Acher (NOTWIST), Becci Oehms (ALTE SAU), Peta Devlin, Thomas Mahmoud, PISSE Richard, and many more. Resulting into a stylistic variety to the kind of Post-Punk as inventive as once the MINUTEMEN used to be. Perfectly produced for vinyl (aka mastering) by Daniel Husayn – and each LP comes as a unique item, with handprinted sleeves, and a really huge poster-sized full-color print insert. Limited edition of 200 copies!

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